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Short summary, I went I had a blast. It all came very naturally to me. I did learn quite a bit from my instructor with relation to high speed corners, one where I was pinching the apex too much and another where I just had to overcome the pucker factor of car dancing under heavy braking at 80+ mph (caused by a bump in the track surface from poor transition from concrete to asphalt)
I was immeaditly moved from beginners to intermediate after passing every other car in beginners twice during the 2nd run (we weren't allowed to pass on the first which actually made things kind of boring in some aspects), and after 1 run in intermediate I was signed off as needing no instuctor.
So much more fun than solo, but it no doubt paid dividends to me.

My instructor loved the car. He also said at the end of the day that my driving had been noticed. I asked good or bad, he replied in a very good way. He didn't elaborate anyfurther but did get all my contact info, and said he wants to see me at blackhawk and road america.

Short summary of the car.

I kept it below 6k for the most part, with a few short sprints up to 6.5k, I never got it to 7k and never held it above 6k.

The Hawk HP+ were great, I did start to get some brake fade after about 30 minutes on the free run. I'm sure the fact that this was a short 1.3mile course with speeds no greater than 90mph for me helped with not fading them too quickly since i didnt have to haul it down from say 130 or something. Ill use them for Brainerd Int`l and see how they fare on a larger track with higher speeds.

The R-S3 were great although they started to get a little squishy towards the end of the runs (it was 93 degrees ambient today) so pretty darn hot. Very predictable and very grippy.

Overall I'm very happy with both myself and the car, I just need to move the rear sway to full stiff rather than intermediate so I can get it to rotate a bit better. But either way she wanted to push very little today when I did induce some understeer.

My next goals are to work on loading the front of the car a bit better on turn in, as my instructor did it darn near perfectly in my car (he took it out for 2 laps during free runs) and experienced no understeer as is. So I know what I really need to work on next time. I would also like to work on heel-toeing quite a bit more as there a couple of corners where I could have saved a tenth of a second (if I were to guess) if I could heel-toe better.

Oh yeah, and there is some supposedly great video coming from a new friend of mine attempting to chase me down in his 2010 S4 with Michelin PS2s on in the last run of the day, and some of me running away from him in one of the earlier runs. We had a blast once the two of us got away from traffic, I could run away from him in the corners and walk him the first 1/4 of the straights and then he'd catch up some until we got to the braking zones. it is quite a good feeling to out pace a much more powerful car than yours!
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