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Ritos, you are correct, but I'm going to have to do that anyway because the set up is already going to move more air than the MAF can measure. That's where the FIC and tapping the MAF comes in. I'll have to set the MAF clamp to the highest reading or voltage the MAF can handle, then allow the FIC to tune for the additional air.

PEI330, you and I obviously have 2 different approaches to problem solving. And though we have the same hobby goals of creating a fast non-m BMW, we also have 2 different approachs on how to make our cars fast. To take it a step further, we have differing ideas on what parts will make a car fast. You have your way and you have hit your peak HP numbers based on your knowledge (as you do seem to be knowledgable about theses engines). But...you have not broken the 600rwhp on the M54 from what I have seen. With that in mind, you can give definately give your opinion and I welcome your insight on the issues and what you have experienced. My choosing not to follow your advise isnt personal, just my personal choice. Hopefully you can continue to be supportive and provide some valuable insight because everyone is welcome on my thread. But if the fact that I don't share your approach is offensive, then I apologize and understand you just wanting to wait to see where the build ends up.

By my calculations, I have the foundation (sc/t72) to see over 600rwhp. Now I just have to hope that the engine can handle it. Some followers say yes, some followers say no....in the end, it will be what it is!
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