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Originally Posted by Stinger9 View Post
Got news for you; they put lead in their own children's toys! They seem to have no standards in anything they manufacture. The profit$ are the whole story and it's the new wild wild west. I saw footage of sleuth TV where the river thru one of their villages was bright red with chemical waste and 40% of the children in that village had some form of cancer. Nice

I know it's coming and I really can't wait for Chinese designed and manufactured cars come to our country. Many will try them because the price will be amazingly low. So imagine if all the electrics in your e46 were Chinese! I'm going to laugh and laugh at people who ignore the advice to stay away from buying one.
Guess it'll be ready for all those out of work to start tow truck businesses!
there are 100% chinese cars here in the UAE. never seen one broken down at the side of the road or in an accident - but there is not a huge number on the road despite being cheap. Sort of like how Daewoo cars were cheap, but never really took off in US or Canada - their death will be lack of common wear parts.

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