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Well, the weekend went well.

Intermediate run group ended up working perfectly. By the end of the day I was the fastest car in my group. I got signed off for Solo, so I did two runs w/o an instructor. It was nice to be able to drive alone, but I missed out on a little bit of instruction. I had to have a different instructor towards the end because my first one lost his voice. My first one was really good. We worked on line and using all of the track. My second one seemed less helpful because he was talking less, but he helped me find a better line through two turns. With him I started paying more attention to braking. The RE-11's are the obvious weak link when I'm braking, but that's not saying much. My pedal felt awesome and never got soft and my pads never gave up. I could replace my brake booster to make the pedal feel like a new car again, but whatever. By the end of the day I caught myself using the brakes to rotate the car into the turn and then the power to rotate the car out. I'm going back to the track on Wednesday, which is awesome because I have time to think and then I'll get to practice. We'll run from 12 noon till dark, so I should get ALOT of time in. I still need to make sure I'm using the whole track, and paying attention to by brake and turn-in points.

My cars limits are obviously crazy high, and I have a new found respect for the car... and the linear springs. When I was going 8/10ths the car was covering up any mistakes and I felt like I could nearly take any line. In my last few sessions I was going more like 9/10ths which was just perfect. I had to break hard but I wasn't on them for a long time, and I was carrying the proper amount of speed through the faster turns. The amount of power is just absolutely perfect. I imagined I might have too much power and I wouldn't be able to put it all down, but that wasn't a problem. The car started rotating more when the tires got real hot though. Its really set up pretty well, I don't think I'll change it at all. I didn't bring my toe in to -3.5, I was running my street setup of -2.3 @ zero toe, so they wore a little more on the outside. I might bring the camber in for Wednesday. My tire pressures were good, if a little high. Around 40 hot. I might bring it down to 38ish, but I wasn't worried about it, I just checked once to make sure everything was OK.

EDIT: Oh yeah. I mentioned I was the fastest in my group, which consisted of a old 911 race car on r-comps, a ZO6 on r-comps, and a 911 Turbo, among other slow momentum cars. The Turbo was insanely fast in the straights, but he could never catch me in the corners

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