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Something to add-

You would be amazed how much a unibody car will move. When buying an older unibody muscle car such as a 60's early 70's Camaro/Firebird, some people try to look for a factory 6 cyl car. The V8 cars usually have been abused and raced hard over the years and the unibody can get totally tweaked from the engine torque, sometimes causing the rear suspension to move/sag by up to an inch in places. I looked at a 98 camaro back in the day and the C-pillars had creases and cracks in the paint from the body moving.

Im not saying our 225hp cars have that much torque, but if you went and somehow measured where the original suspension mounting points were located, theres a chance they have moved. Just look at the early 3 series cars that tear the subframes apart!

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