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Originally Posted by evolved View Post
I almost PM'd you since you're the resident expert in all things boot related.

In reference to style, I would prefer something that I can wear outside of this trip....something casual enough to wear during the day, but can wear at night with a sport coat & a nice sweater.

In reference to price range, sub-$350ish. If it were north of that, it would have to be outstanding.

Water resistant will probably lend to a more versatile, broad number of options. I don't foresee going hiking in these as we'll be in urban environments. The most I'm concerned about is slushy snow/sleet, rain puddles and not walking around with wet feet all day.

I'm envisioning something leather with dainite soles, or something leather souls.
I see no problem with getting "regular" leather boots (with your options) if you condition them and treat them leather will repel water, certainly snow and slush too. Look more at construction and where any gaps are that could let in water.

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