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Originally Posted by BuddyBuddy View Post
Is it stuck down/up, what?
What happens when you press the button to make it work? Do you get a red light? Is the trunk thing in the proper place? (the thing with the handle that you can move up and down to make "more" room in the trunk at the expense of not being able to drop the top.)
We had to basically manually close it because it was stuck and it was gonna rain. So we did that and when you push the top down button it doesn't do anything. I've tried playing with the convertible lever in the trunk that did nothing. I had a friend replace the motor or hydrogen something but that didn't help either. My car and trunk is completely empty there is nothing in there. I do get the red light when I push it all it does is crack down the windows like its supposed then nothing. Also sometimes when I drive the red light just starts to blink even though it is completely closed and nobody touched the button.
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