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Originally Posted by wrighterjw10 View Post
i have an at&t iphone and a verizon iphone. I've traveled around most of the northeast (i know you're from AL, so this opinion is worthless haha) but at&t's speeds were on average much faster, while verizon had a wider "3g" coverage area.

although some areas in verizon's coverage in "3g" were only a tad faster than at&t's edge network.

i guess my point it, carrier preference is fairly geographical. until iphones are on LTE or true 4g, i prefer at&t.
When I'm traveling around Alabama or TN I have LTE coverage at least 50 percent of the time, more than just the cities listed on the vzw site. My gf has an ATT phone and it's either much slower or not working. It's terrible. And their LTE network is less than 1/10 the size, so even an LTE iphone on ATT won't mean much for a long time.

Gotta pay to play.

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