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Originally Posted by Tampa02e46 View Post
I went with brand new OE rotors and pads from a forum user. He's also throwing in SS brake lines and clutch line. I still think you won't have a problem with an exploding rotor
Nobody ever said they would explode. However, without adhering to quality standards all the big makes do, we don't know for sure that they were built to standard and passed strict quality-control testing. And for that reason, it's not safe to gamble your braking system just to save a measely 68 cents.

In fact, if Callahan (Kamikaze Racing, Taiwan) offered to pay me $500 a month to use their rotors, I would absolutely decline. Any more than that, I might consider it, but would have to wear a helmet, have an EMT sitting next to me at all times, and have a roll-cage welded in.

I'd also have the speed governed at 35 mph.
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