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Originally Posted by Tampa02e46 View Post
That's the only thing i'm arguing. For a rotor to actually fail enough for you to want to have a roll cage, helmet, etc., it would have to crack severely and/or explode.Either way, the caliper is still going to squeeze the rotor no matter the material quality.

So if you're saying it won't explode or crack upon compression, how would you explain how it is going to fail??

...Either way I got new OE rotors & pads so that should cool your jets a little, eh?
The rotors or pads could overheat due to design/material defiencies. We all know that overheated pads and rotors do not stop. That's where a rollcage, helmet, and EMT would come in handy.

And good job on getting OE pads/rotors. Your car will give back what you put into it.
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