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Originally Posted by E46Mango View Post
The rotors or pads could overheat due to design/material defiencies. We all know that overheated pads and rotors do not stop. That's where a rollcage, helmet, and EMT would come in handy.

And good job on getting OE pads/rotors. Your car will give back what you put into it.
Ok, I see your point... The truth is, you know what you put on your car. I personally couldn't bring myself to actually hit "buy it now" on those rotors. For me it's more the fact that I know that those are on my car, even if everyone that sees them and thinks they are nice-I know they are not.

Plus, getting the direct from BMW OE brand new rotors and pads + ss clutch and brake lines for $220 is damn fine deal!
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