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Originally Posted by aphhpa View Post
Why would that embarrass me? Callahan claims to be better than OE. And Monroe claims to be OE. Hmmmmm... Embarrassed yet? Mums the word fruitcake.

You were trying to catch me contradicting myself and quoted me from another thread where I recommended(seemingly to you) inferior parts such as Monroe. You tried to imply that here I am bashing your eBay rotors when I am recommending eBay shocks and struts made by Monroe in another thread.

I corrected you by alerting you to the fact that Monroe is an OEM supplier to Mercedes Benz, BMW, Nissan, Volkswagen, etc etc etc.

You conveniently go quiet about this and choose to ignore it.

Callahan CLAIMS to be as good as OE (Not BMW, per se, but OEs in general) and Monroe IS OE. They're not CLAIMING. THEY ARE. Do you see the difference?

Again... like talking to a block of wood. or eggs. or rotten cheese.

Good day, sir.

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