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Originally Posted by mexus View Post
profor's method is the one that stimulates occupied seat (I think the 3rd post). I cannot guarantee what's inside the **** they sell on ebay, much better to do it yourself. Don't you have a friend that is good with the solder iron? The parts you need are less than a $1.... in my country less than $0.5.
Well this was taken from the first post;

"They are basically just a small resistor to imitate the resistance created when a passenger sits in the seat. They are used to control the deployment of the passenger airbags. Now this unit is fitted the airbags will always deploy as it always thinks there is a passenger (better than the other way round)."

I bought a module off ebay... the only one i could find was $35 so meh.

It doesn't require me to cut any cables or anything either... i'm pretty sure its just plug and play.

you can see it here...

This will allow the air bag to always be active.. which really doesn't bother me.
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