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i knew Occupancy Sensor Bypass quite a old topic, after reading the whole thread, i come up with a new idea enlighten by mexus

"He suggest if possible adding a switch to the circuit to simulate a person seat on it. "

click the switch between 4.7k ohms and 100ohms looks a good idea, however still have to done manually.

do you thing is possible to tap the manual switch with wire connect to the seatbelt tensioner ?
so the passenger get in, put on the seat belt and activiate the "manual switch" ?
like adding a relay or electronic parts..

P.S. you can make a joke to the passenger "put on your selt belt or if crash, you airbag will deploy to save your life..."

is that possible? any more ideas?

*i suffer the seat mat problems too but before i put on this simple mod i try to think a better way.

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