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Originally Posted by SPDSKTR View Post
1) I smashed a 27-year-old when I was 20 (not too much of a difference, but good enough for me).
2) I smashed a 41-year-old when I was 22.
3) I smashed a 33-year-old when I was 22.
4) I smashed the 41-year-old again after I turned 23.
5) I'm 24 now and dating a 34-year-old.

lol_four years...

Have fun with it, dude. She's just a chick. She's not a magical unicorn who shits gold and diamond nuggets and pukes rainbows. She's just a person with a vagina. That's all. Act with that mindset and you'll be fine.
I smashed a grandma when I was 12. Beat that!

Originally Posted by HyeWarrior View Post
This chick has bailed/rescheduled so many times.. It's getting annoying at this point.

We were finally supposed to grab a drink tonight, but she messaged me in the morning saying she has to leave a day early for her trip to Arizona (today), gave me her number, and said to text her to figure out something for next week. This will be the third time we've had to try and reschedule.

Time for the waiting game again.
Dude, she found out your age and was like Dafug?!?

You should call her and say this: Biotch, stop playing games with my heart, with my heart...with my heart..

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