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Originally Posted by johnrando View Post
I have a March '06 build. What comes with the car (no coding, etc) is this:
1) holding the fob to unlock will roll down the windows and open the top
2) to close the top/roll up windows, insert the key in to the key hole, turn and hold.
3) you can't hold the fob to close the top/roll up windows unless you've either (a) coded or (b) bought a module

There is a thread on a module that someone bought to do this, but it's not cheap. Coding is better. I think EAS in the O/C does coding, but I'm not sure if they do this particular one.
I bought this:

You can change settings just like PA Soft. I borrowed this pic from ac_2007's write up on the factory alarm. On the same screen you set lock/unlock functions:

You can set all the items you are talking about using the convenient settings for what opens and closes with either door lock, key fob, or both. I have it set so the top and windows are fully controlled by the key fob and doors.

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