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Originally Posted by majordavehan817 View Post
WTF over? So the dongle doesn't need a SIM card? I am trying to figure out why the radio would be "unable to scan for networks." The only thing I can think is maybe the wifi dongle got knocked out when they were pushing the radio in. I gotta wait 2 weeks before the company that installed the radio can take time to look at my car and see if they installed it properly. They are not real big on customer service.

Can you tell me definitely what I need to get my Dynavin to connect to the internet? I have a freaking iphone with personal hotspot already. I bought a T-Mobile mobile hotspot (because the unit says T-Mobile in it already) and the android part still doesn't work.
Go to my website, look at the install guide, note the wifi antenna, then pull the unit out yourself and see if its there, I bet its not.

Ive said this before and I dont mean to be rude...... I cant spend a lot of time walking other dealers customers through this. I do everything I can to make sure our customers understand the install and have all the info they need for things to go smooth.

I hate to see people have a bad experience but if you choose to do business with my competitors you are on your own, Im a VERY busy guy and I cant spend my time helping their customers.

Originally Posted by mpower3330 View Post

Thanks for your help this week. I received the unit (you shipped it to San Francisco for me) and am going to All Pro Audio in San Jose tomorrow morning to have it installed. I will give you a call if there are any problems. Thanks again for making this a quick and easy process.

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