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Originally Posted by jonnyb482 View Post
Hi Jeff, not sure if anyone else has had this issue but when my MC2000 Dynavin D99 Android was installed I tried the DVD player out and it played the DVD in colour but for some reason this time when I went to use it it plays but only in black and white. Im just wondering if this is common and if there is something I can do to rectify the issue? Would resetting to factory settings help at all. Just confused - any advice or info would be awesome, Thanks Guys,

sounds like the color setting in the radio settings menu might be turned down, if not then something is wrong and you will need to contact your dealer.

Originally Posted by majordavehan817 View Post

The installers replied back to my email in which i explained the install for the wifi dongle. They put it in the wrong USB slot. They put the wifi dongle in the slot for USB Audio instead of USB GPS.

Whew! I was really beginning to think I was losing my mind.

One of the most common installation mistakes.

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