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hey bigjae, i'm intersted in renting this tool, but before i do, i read this guys experience with the tool and his disappointment, do u know what he is referring to?

"I just did the left side rear bearing on my 540i. I had done the right side about 50k miles ago; it was very noisy. I had lived with the left side noise for about 20k miles because it wasn't too bad; recently, I noticed a wobble to the wheel and decided the noise wasn't the biggest concern anymore. Anyways, just some anecdotes regarding lifetime of the bearings and failure modes. Another FYI: I did the bearing, the ball joint (aka swing arm bushing), the upper rear control arm and the sway bar links and the job took about 16 hours. 80% of that time was dealing with the inner bearing race, the ball joint extraction, and pulling the axle back through the hub. I work pretty slowly, so take that for what it is worth.

After doing the right side with no more than a dead-blow hammer and a cold chisel, I decided I wasn't going to go through that again and sprang for the Sir Tools B90 tool. This tool was useful for pushing the axle out of the hub (works in either the save-the-bearing mode or the destroy-the-bearing mode) and for pressing the hub back in to the new bearing. I was disappointed to learn after I got the tool that it did not include anything to pull the axle back through hub after the bearing/hub is mounted to the carrier. This was by far the hardest part of both times I did the rear bearings. I know that BMW specifies a special tool (of course!) that looks like it must thread onto the end of the axle. I resorted to using the dead-blow hammer to pound the hub onto the driveshaft; this required a ridiculous amount of force and repetition and I feel like I must've done some damage to the diff, CV joints, and/or the bearing. After at least 20 forceful swings, the axle emerged from the hub enough for the axle nut to catch; from there it was easy to let the nut do the work of pulling the shaft through the rest of the way. Has anyone had a similar experience with the axle/hub, and if so, how did you get them together?"

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