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I've only see this picture one time before. I was on a 6 month back packing trip through the amazon. One of the other backpackers had this picture show up on his twitter, I thought nothing of it at first. but it grew bigger and more jiggly as the trip went on. On the 12th night he was fapping at it quite badly and we asked him if we should stop to take him back to the nearest town. (roughly 40 miles away) He became furious at the idea, more so than a normal person would be at the simple idea. but we brushed it off and went to bed. I woke up at 4 in the morning when i heard the sloshing sound of a horse in heat outside. I figured it was only some of the local animals, buy i quickly grabbed my shoes, and knife just in case. As i opened the tent i was horrified at what i was seeing. It was the man from the night before but he was naked, completely naked. Sucking off 3 local tribesmen, and being fuccked by a rather large gorilla at the moment. It was all due to the picture of Kim K. he had. If he would have gotten help he wouldnt have become a fag. Im sorry OP you've contracted it, you are a fag now.
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