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My Ride: 02325CI,03MIN,06VW
* 85 BMW 325e
* 02 BMW 325ci
* 02 Porsche 996TT ~ Actively Looking Purchase by Sep
* 03 Mini Cooper
* 04 BMW M3 ~ Actively Looking Purchase By Sep
* 06 VW Touareg V8
*12-13 Yamaha R1 ~ Purchase By Sep

These are all mine.....just me :-(
I will post pics of the bike, M3 and 996TT when I get them. Only reason they arent bought is I wont be back in the States until then and im trying to find the right color combo. But the cash is in hand....

PS....If anyone has any leads on the M3 or looking to spend 25/40 respectively....
Mini is caged..BMW is slammed...Touareg on 22's! Old pic!

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