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Originally Posted by Hellishness View Post
Softest MF:
If you could recommend two towels, one for drying and one for removing polish/wax, what would you recommend? I'm really sick of towels majorly marring my fairly soft paint. Even some super soft buffing cloths that I thought couldn't POSSIBLY mess up any paint ended up ruining a polishing stage for me. This is the only thing i'm waiting on to make my next DI order.
Sorry for the slow response here. If you or anyone else needs to reach me faster please e-mail me (see sig) and I'll get back to you in timely manner.

I understand it's frustrating to use towels that don't work as intended. We are sent microfiber towels from mfgs around the world but we're very picky about our selections. For drying the DI Microfiber Waffle Weave Drying Towel is definitely the way to go, we sell so many of these towels and they work great and last a really long time. for the removal of a sealant or wax I'd suggest a our DI Microfiber Great White Towel. It's one of the favorite towels of Todd Cooperider one of our Ask a Pro Blog authors. If you need any other recommendations please let me know!

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