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Originally Posted by tnickols View Post
Quick questions I have these little white marks on the passengers side behind the door and have no idea how to get them out. They are on top of the surface and not scratches. Also how would I get these hard water stains out of my trim?
If those marks are on top of the paint and clear coat I would try to remove them with a wash and clay bar first. If that doesn't work try a cleaner like the Stoner Tarminator or a degreaser. It will help remove build ups like tar, road grime, bug smear, etc. If that doesn't work you can try a light polish and use more aggressive ones as needed.

For the trim that is a tougher question. Unfortunately BMW's are notorious for poor trim quality and many times this can no be repaired. You can try a metal polish (i.e. P21S Finish Restorer) to clean it but often times the trim does not respond. The good news is that you can also use it on wheels, trim, engine bay, exhaust tips, etc. I hope this info is helpful.

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