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Originally Posted by Nervous View Post
How to detach the connector box with X428 from the fuse holder? I already dropped down the glove box and lowered the fuse holder as low as possible, but I can't figure out how to detach the box with the X428...

NM, I figured it out: just push it off you, toward the front of the car.... In that 5 pol blue/yellow section I have exactly 1 spot I am going to use for this. Have you figured out which connector should be used? It is part #8, but this part has 3 different part numbers:
I think it is 61131387140 (for thinnest wire, 0.35-0.5mm2), but for some reasons it is the most expensive one ($1+; same plug but for thicker wire (61131387142) costs just several cents! Weird....).
I didn't see this till today, but yeah it's the .35-0.5mm2 wire. Nice how they charge more for the smaller wire although shipping is going to cost a lot more than the connector if you buy it online.

I haven't gotten to doing this yet because it just been so blasted cold and wet around here. It just finally started creeping into the 60's. It's warmer in Fairbanks right now.

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