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Originally Posted by AProudSailor View Post

I'm glad to say my Dynavin arrived yesterday (QUICK!) and I'm mid-install.

However, I see 31 pages of thread before me, and while I've tried to skim it the best I can, I'm losing time while I'm installing.

I've soft-installed everything without remounting it to do a quick test, but I've noticed an irritating 'skip' or 'bounce' in both the iPod and the Radio playback..

Not that I think it makes a difference (since it affects Radio play too), but I have a dealer-installed OEM BMW iPod interface cable that I'm bypassing with this setup.

I'm assuming this is nothing new, but could you point me towards a quick solution so I can proceed please.



Dont know....that could be a lot of things....but the most obvious would be that your battery is getting low (doors open, interior lights on while you installed) causing your amp to cut out....

The next possibility is that the nav program is up to something that you dont realize, take out the Nav SD card to disable the nav part of the unit to rule this out....

Also you might want to go back and delete your phone number from your post, you dont want these weirdos on this forum getting your phone number

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