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Dynamat (MINI DIY)

Today I started to do my Dynamat install. I ordered 36 square feet and I can say you don't need this much. I have 4 1/2 sheets left over from just doing the trunk so far. The trunk was all I really wanted to fill with Dynamat just to eliminate the rattles from my subwoofer. Since I had 18 square feet left over I started to double up the Dynamat. I started layering it and it helped reduce the vibrations even more. All I have left to do is out a single sheet on each of the doors and place a little bit on the right side of the trunk to reduce the sound a tad. All in all the product is great! I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a subwoofer in their trunk. It is no longer making the trunk vibrate and creating an irritating noise. I will think about uploading a video to show how effective the product is.


For those who wanted to know a little more about how I am wiring my system here you go! I am running the power cables from the battery into the spare tire compartment and then coming out through a crack in the trunk near the left passenger seat. I held the wires in place with a trim adhesive.




I cut the head output wires going to the OEM amplifier and soldered them to new 12 gauge wires, then led them to a LC2i. I would recommend the LC2i line out converter over any other cheap type of line our converter. You have a lot more control of the audio that comes out of it. You can adjust the bass as well as the signal strength that is then fed to your amplifier(s).

Helpful guide to e46 car audio:

Pin # 30 / Head output Front left - Brown / orange Pin #38 / Head output Front Left + Yellow / red

Pin # 29 / Head output Rear Left - Brown / orange Pin #37 / Head output Rear Left + Yellow / black

Pin # 9 / Head unit output Front Right + Blue / red Pin #17 / Head unit output Front Right - Brown / orange

Pin # 8 / Head unit output Rear Right + Blue / black Pin #16 / Head unit output Rear Right - Brown / orange

Pin # 10 / Switched +12v remote turn on White Pin #18 / no connection



When attempting to pop the trunk off, all the little grey clips are a b*tch to take out without a trim panel remover. Lucky I found a small metal crow bar shaped tool in the basement that make this a lot easier than expected. I would say a clothes hanger would work as well for taking the clips out.


With the clips securing the trunk panel to the trunk itself their are two fuzz covered screws that are holding the tool box in place.



Before attempting to lay down some Dynamat clean off your metal surfaces with rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover.


When placing down the Dynamat push in firmly and then come in later with a roller or the blunt side of a flat head.




Repeat the same thing for under the rear deck and side panels of the car. (Helps to take out the plastic shield that covers the strut.)





Remove the two screws that hold in the rear seat pull down lever and later screw it back in to fit Dynamat under it.





Apply multiple layers of Dynamat as needed to reduce vibrations.

Now some BASS!

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