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Originally Posted by das86turbo View Post
TurboDiesel - how did this work for you? I've doing the same thing in my M3 race car build. Anything that is not absolutely necessary is gone. Ignore the rubbish of not removing the dash etc. As you know (and for everyone's edification) it's a snap. The heater assembly, A/C exchanger totaled 35 lbs. Thats cheap weight savings. Especially on stuff that is not needed. I had everything out in an afternoon. Nothing damaged either.
Sorry for the late response... It was working fine. I was still driving it on the street all summer 2011 but had no track time. My car has basically been parked since September 2011 waiting on the CSL airbox SNAFU (m3F group buy) and some other things in life that come up so I don't have much experience other than driving the car in the heat and humidity of the southeast that summer and having no issues (don't have viscous fan either).

I plugged the rear hose, and used a freeze plug on the water pump and removed everything.

The only issue that kind of concerns me but I never found a real answer is if coolant temps may be higher in the back of the engine because of the flow rates being affected...I assume that there is no flow in the heater core circuit unless the heater is on, but if that is not the case you may have lower flow rates the further back you go in the coolant circuit.
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