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Originally Posted by Alex323Ci View Post
this is absolutely FALSE

it has long been proven and accepted (even among the zhp forums) the racks are the same in the post '01 330s.

you can wish all you want, but the fact about the rack is it's the same. please don't contribute to mis-information. there were many things posted about the 330 performance package in it's release that were for all those current 330s. this is where the mistake was made and myth created.

this however has nothing to do with the Original Posters rack, which was a pre-Sept 2001 build. therefore his rack swap is the later 330 rack and is infact different from the earliest 330s. so yes he would feel a difference upgrading to the changeover 330 rack & pinion

This reminds me of when SeanC was claiming that ZHP control arms had special geometry. We argued back and forth for pages on another thread and he sweared he'd prove himself to be correct. He never did. And he's been active as of two days ago.

Wild wild claims from ZHP dreamland.
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