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Originally Posted by TerraPhantm View Post
I don't off hand - check realOEM. It's not a universal part; M3 has M3-specific tie rods.

What I'm not sure about is if the inner half of the tierods are the same or not. The outer half w/ the ball joint definitely isn't. Unfortunately, while BMW sells the outer half separate, the inner half is only sold in combination - so it's impossible to know if the inner half is the same for M3s and non-Ms

I will just grab the complete tie rod assemblies from my existing rack.
Here are the other parts. Based on price it is actually more than a Comp/CSL rack cause the other parts needed.

This is starting to sound more cumbersome for a little more of a gain. I will just stick with ordering a commotion package steering rack. I saw you posting on the M3forums as well. I don't need the rack to be super twitchy just a little more than it is now. If I want twichy steering I will drive my 1M. You sneeze and you are driving out your side window HAHA.
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