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Running the ESS TS2 with headers, Magnaflow Exhaust and BMW performance intake and prefabbing the above setup for the AEM Methanol spray, I can firmly say that the car runs like a champ. I am using a 50/50 mix (1 gallon of -20 Blue Windshield Washer mixed with 3 bottles of HEET). I am using AEM's largest nozzle with no bogging down possibly due to better atomization because of the location I am spraying from (directly after MAF). There is no pinging running hard on the Autobahn at around 80F outside. My next venture is having a 80-81mm pulley made (I am running the 83mm) to squeeze some more boost/horses out of the car. Here is a recent run against the latest model (make 2 facelift) 997/911 Carrera S. Drive safe.
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