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Originally Posted by TurnersInOz View Post
Hi Radar,
Just curious about the mounting of your LF drivers... In previous installs you've mounted directly to the door and not the card. Did you mount to the card here only because of the depth of the driver, or was there other reasoning? Are you planning something to seal the driver to your existing hole in the door, or how do you plan to finish this off?

Hey Scott,

No, I've never mounted to the door, only the card.

I don't think I'll be sealing it to the door; the air space is shared in many places, so it would be a fruitless attempt.

I mounted to the card because of the speaker depth...the vert is a real b*tch!

It's finished, except the door card won't seal against the door yet. I need to replace a door bolt with something shallower, or flip it over. Not sure yet what's going to work. It's the one at the bottom of my just barely hits the magnet.

Just haven't had the time.
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