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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
Only color that would work, I'm afraid, is Fern Green Metallic. Something about the chemical make up of the Metallic Steel Blue that only allows Fern Green Metallic on top. Forget where I read that, but it was on Fanatics, so must be true(ish).

Do not paint it. You'd be devaluing it.

Only thing I can say is that you'll grow out of thinking you have an ugly color. When I got mine, color was the last thing on my mind (obviously!). Now, 6 years later, it's beginning to grow on me--mostly because it's different and excellent camouflage--no one wants to steal an ugly colored bmw!

Oh, also, drink heavily and don't look at the car so attention to the road. Also, pick driving attire that complements your color. Again, something like a Fern Green driving suit would be perfect.
Lol. FG OG
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