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Originally Posted by RossGuy View Post
Just Signed up for the 2013 event. Anyone know someone who's done it?



There are millions of running races, thousands of marathons, hundreds of triathlons and dozens of ultramarathons but there is only one Sparan Death Race. Held annually since 2005 in the small town of Pittsfield, VT, the Spartan Death Race gives up to 200 ultra-endurance athletes the chance to test their mental and physical prowess like no other event on earth. On average only 15% of the competitors finish the event. Remarkable when you consider the competitors are among the toughest and most seasoned endurance athletes on earth. The hurdle and challenge-driven race requires competitors to complete a series of (15-20) grueling mental and physical challenges throughout a 40-mile course that runs through the Vermont woods. During the Death Race, competitors may be asked to chop wood for 2-hours, carry a 20-lb stump around for hours, lift 10-30 lbs rocks for 5-hours; build a fire, cut a bushel of onions, crawl through mud under barbed wire, or after 20-hours of racing, memorize the names of the first 10 U.S. Presidents or a Bible verse, hike to the top of a mountain and recite them back in order.

Unlike other endurance races that offer a detailed map, Death Racers have no idea what to expect next as the course map and list of challenges are kept secret. This provides competitors with one of their biggest challenges as the length of the race can range from 24-48 hours. For an endurance athlete, not knowing where the light is at the end of the tunnel can be sheer torture.

For a taste of the Death Race, aspiring endurance athletes are encouraged to test their mettle at the Spartan Race Series. The 30-event series, developed by the creators of the Death Race, offers competitors three different obstacle race courses including: the Spartan Sprint (5K), Super Spartan (8 miles) and Spartan Beats (10+ miles). For a complete schedule visit www.spartanrace.com. For more information on the Death Race, visit www.YouMayDie.com or www.Facebook.com/spartanrace
Mad props to you, man. I hope you do well. If you haven't already, you'd be wise to watch Hobi Call's video on YouTube. It runs just over 50 min and is worth it's weight in gold. I was seriously thinking about doing this after watching some of the 13-15min videos outlining what happens. I lost a little interest after watching him go through the grind (a very small %.) It's simply pure hell, especially mentally.

I too would love to know how well I could do. I'm just not sure I'll ever pull the trigger. I've got respect for anyone willing to step up and commit.
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