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Originally Posted by mrlatexxx View Post
Cooling system overhaul 1st.
Control arm bushing.
Rear trailing arm bushing
Rear spring always brake at 50k
Change vaccum lines coming from 2nd air pump to the back of manifold.
Oil filter housing gasket
Clean Disa - throttle body- carb cleaner.
New ignition coils
100k the oxygen sensor are gone.
Pentosin at oreilly for manual tyranny flush and red line fluid for rear/front differential.Sent from my ZTE-X500

Doesn't this list seem real drastic for a car with only 35,000 miles?
At this point, if the car was maintained and is running well, I'd do and oil change (if not done in the last 3-5,000 miles) and and check the air filter. Then I'd make sure that the sub-frame was checked.

As the car was bought from the OP's uncle I'd ask him for his maintenance records.

I agree to leave the color alone, it ain't bad, and it will grow on the OP.
By the way, a good claying and wax will make it shine like a milliion bucks - OP is sure to like it then.

Just my humble opinion.
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