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Well NOVAbimmer, you can always have the car entirely stripped back to a bare metal chassis and re-create the original spraying process... If done right it will turn out better than original and cost thirty grand or so. I guess this is up to interpretation though, my best mate owned a panel shop for 25 years and honestly believes in what I said, plus has showed it to me and explained the reasons. If I went to another person he might agree with you, vice versa.
And fair point about the expense, but a "stage 3" engine rebuild isn't exactly in the same league as what (in my mind) I was comparing it with...

What you CAN do is fix the grey interior That's not too expensive!


As to maintenance, you have a different list to us. I doubt the bushings are that bad? They wear from a combination of mileage and age, more so mileage, so they should all still be right. I have 90,000 miles on my 8yr old 330i and all the rear bushings are still in top condition... Front's not so much.

The only things you should really change are the perishables in the cooling system and probably your rubbers/plastics around the intake manifold.

Can anyone else add to this?
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