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Originally Posted by Lionelski View Post
Doesn't this list seem real drastic for a car with only 35,000 miles?
At this point, if the car was maintained and is running well, I'd do and oil change (if not done in the last 3-5,000 miles) and and check the air filter. Then I'd make sure that the sub-frame was checked.

As the car was bought from the OP's uncle I'd ask him for his maintenance records.

I agree to leave the color alone, it ain't bad, and it will grow on the OP.
By the way, a good claying and wax will make it shine like a milliion bucks - OP is sure to like it then.

Just my humble opinion.
I only made the list so he has half of the knowledge & idea of how much work 60k+ will require on a free of problems 100k plus car that ia if he plans to keep it that long .

Use only dealer OIL, which will only cost couple dollars extra & dealer genuine oil filter which has been proven to be better then oem Mann on quality built.


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