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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
I found that a few people here are full of sh1t. Now you'll say that you're not biased? Please, stay out of these kinds of threads that have nothing to do with HPF. Everyone you get involved in goes one direction.
Umm he asked an opinion. I have owned AA's kit, VF's kit and Hpf's kit, plus ordered stuff from ESS. I gave my oninion, when you have owned these kit I would expect to hear from you. But you haven't so how can you have an opinion on each kit?? Just sayin.. I have my in put on it and thats from personal experiance with each company. I recommended a company other than HPF for him, stop trying to start drama. OP good luck and keep us up todate on how your car comes along no matter the kit, we all love car porn threads here.

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