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Originally Posted by mattfarrington View Post
I'll re seal the air box a bit soon.

As for the curing it, I'll have to search the forums, but is the TB easy to remove to clean, (or replace considering I have a brand new one sitting in my brothers room in the package)

((I'm 18. Got a BMW. My older brothers friend is a lead mechanic at Sterling BMW, gave my brother some parts to sell to me when needed.. Parts that commonly go on the E46.))

Also, I've seen TB spacers, which claim to add more power on any ideas? Would it be worth getting? They claim an extra 10hp.
TB isn't bad to replace as long as you have a decent socket set with extensions and some patience. Just keep removing hoses starting from the airbox back. There's a very real probability that a new TB will make the same noise since it's the harmonics of the shape, hence why BMW made ribbed soft rubber hoses and pointed all airbox intake points forward and used thick, softish plastics with air between layers.

There's a very real chance you will hear this noise no matter what. Enjoy the car for what it is and try to stop thinking about it. Once you know what to listen for, you hear it in almost every E46.
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