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Coding SUCCESS! Finally, I got rid of the 217 error and cruise control is back!
Details. On friendly forum I found a topic with discussion of the exact problem:
The OP mentioned that once he recoded everything with NCS Expert the problem was gone. First, I verified that KMB and EWS both have the same SA. After that I chose "Process car" and coded all the modules (however, it refused to code RAD (radio), but who cares?). However! Right after the coding by NCS (and turning car off/on) I ran INPA to clear and read errors and of course the error still was there! WTF. Being sad, I decided to clear all adaptation values manually in INPA. I did this, cleared errors, read errors - bingo, the infamous 217 error is gone! Cruise control activates! Wooo-hooo! (still need to check if cruise control cuts off by the clutch pedal, but the car is still on jack stands, so - later).
So, I think, it doesn't matter what you use - Progman or NCS Expert. The key was to clear all adaptation values. I am even not sure that reflashing of DME is really necessary at all.

Since I learned how to use NCS Expert I decided to restore some features I had in my LSZ and which were erased by recodings, namely: tripple blinking, fogs with high beams, side markers delete, plus, european hazard blinking (2 fast blinks, pause). Everything went well, LSZ is coded, everything works!

BTW, EWS still says it is automatic but seems to me Terra is right and this is correct (at least for Euro-spec cars).

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