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Originally Posted by coco savage View Post
Hey no problem, glad my video post help shed some light on the tough road ahead. I watched right after I posted it.

Got anyone training with you? Know anyone who has been through anything close to this that could help you with your training?

You should try to get someone to film it like the video I posted
This will be the hardest thing I've ever trained for by far. I'm glad cause most things takes me a month or two to get ready for. I have a friend at work that does iron mans and another that does alot of 100 mile marathons that I'll be working with. Another friend says he'll sign up but I don't think he will. I have a buddy thats a SEAL so I can consulte with him, but he's rarley in town and hard to get ahold of to train with. I'm going to try and get some sponsors and bring some people out as a support team. My work, along with another company said they'll sponsor me. I'm talking to the local running store on what they can provide me with as far as gear and money.
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