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Let's all rant about foods that we hate

I think candy/caramel apples suck. they're hard to take a good bite out of from the stick, but you can't touch them or you'll get caramel all over your hands. It's a popular summer carnival food, but the heat during that season usually melts the caramel to the point that it's just a big mess. Plus, once you get through the caramel coating, it's really just an apple, which is a pretty mediocre fruit imo. They should candy smaller fruits instead, like berries.

I also don't understand why people generally prefer white meat over dark meat when it comes to chicken. White meat is drier, stringier, and just plain less flavorful. Because of the general perception that white meat is better, McDonald's changed their chicken mcnugget recipe a couple years ago to all white meat. They used to make my favorite chicken nuggets, but the new "improved" recipe just isn't the same imo. And because they could obviously never go back to the old, dark meat recipe because people would see it as a step back, I'll never be able to eat my favorite chicken nuggets again.

I think maraschino cherries really suck too. I don't understand the point of preserving and sweetening a fruit that already tastes so good without tinkering with it. I was living in the UK for a couple months earlier this year and I discovered that Cherry Coke over there tastes like black cherries, whereas our Cherry Coke tastes like maraschino cherries. I wish we had the better Cherry Coke over here.

Lastly, I don't get the point of the cheesy bread/breadsticks that pizza fast food restaurants serve. Cheese + bread, dipped into tomato sauce, is basically just pizza. It's like getting pizza with a side of pizza. I think it's dumb.
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