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Originally Posted by sweetbro858 View Post
Beautiful car

I have a few questions because I'm also looking to buy an e46 M3.

How long did you shop around for this car? What was the price range for the ones you were interested in?

Were you trying to avoid buying a modded M3? I found a few close to me but some were heavily modded, I'd rather buy close to stock.
Originally Posted by flipm3 View Post
Congratulations! I've owned my E46 M3 since brand new 11 years ago. If you continue to maintain your E46 M3, it will treat you very well.

Enjoy it and have fun!

I'm not sure what your budget is. If you are looking for only pristine and well maintained stock E46 M3s, I would check out

Their prices are a bit higher than the average used M3 out there. Knowing that they only buy/sell top condition cars may be worth it to you. This is pretty much as close as you're going to get to buying a "like brand new" used E46 M3.
If you have patience you won't over pay. It took me 3 weeks of searching, I didn't know really what I exactly wanted, I test drove a couple SMGs, thought it was fun but glad I went for a 6MT.

I paid $19k for the car, it was garage kept and in the past 2 years only 4k miles have been put on it. It was traded in along with an X5 to an Tysons Corner Audi in NOVA. I feel like I got a good deal, but there are several small flaws, I didn't have much maintenance history, but the car spoke for it's self the previous owner had 9 cars (he was in his mid-sixities so it was responsibly driven and a one owner) so money wasn't much of an issue and the dealer said he was the type of guy who just said okay if they wanted to replace something (not sure how true that is but it came with a brand new clutch before the trade in). The things I've noticed with the car is the rearview mirror no long auto dims it's just kind of a gray brown color and you can see fine with it ($100 fix), the window regulator in the passenger side door needs the zip tie DIY so free fix there. The center console it's in the best shape, just things like that, it handles like a dream. Also, the drivers side mirror shakes at high speeds so I have to figure that out.

I was looking to spend no more than $25k on the car, but after taxes and temp tags it came out just over $22k so I'm extremely happy from that stand point. Now I just need to get my college furniture and crap out one side of the garage so it will fit

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