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Well I had this problem in the passeger sensor.
First I try to resolve it with the circuit with the 100ohm resistor, and the airbag light turn off.... but I was't sure if it was "occupied" or not so I tested with INPA, and it show me this:

so I think it make the seat "unocupied".
Then I change the circuit for the 47k resistor in paralel and in inpa it show this:

I think it does make the seat "ocupied" but the child seat mark is stiil active.... so is there any child seat features in the e46 to allow child in the front seat without the airbag deploy? It apears from the inpa readings that my car have the "child seat" active...
I have NCSexpert and NCSdummy, and had read the airbag coding file and did't find any line to activate or deativate the child seat...
my airbag module is the MRS3 it's a 2000 e46, and I bought it second hand so I don't know if the previous ower had made any coding.

I hope somebody could help me, because I whant the airbags to deploy in an accident...

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