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I love all food, and I am hear to defend the honor of oysters and lobster.

I grew up with them, so the look of lobsters is second nature to me, however, if it bothers you that much, a plate with a tail and two claws is much less intimidating than a full "bug" on your plate. Give it a dry, get dirty, get that succulent meat out, dip it in some melted butter, and enjoy life

As for oysters. Oysters have an amazing flavor. For the people that eat them and call them slimy, slippery, and just let them "slide" down your throat have no idea what they are talking about. Yes, the texture is a little different, however it is no different then eating a slice of medium rare filet, or grilled sliced zucchini. Ya, how can you compare the two? You can't, but just because it isn't grainy and super solid like chicken or pork doesn't mean it has a terrible texture. Venture out, go to a well established raw bar, and have them school you on some oysters. They are one of the best things in the world to eat. Each oyster from a different part of the country has a different flavor to it. Different sizes, textures, finishes... and best of all, different places offer their own mignonette.... put literally a quarter teaspoon of mignonette on each oyster, along with a little squirt of lemon, and it is the most refreshing, ocean-like, delicious mouthful you could ever ask for. Northeast oysters are typically meatier, briny, and crisp, where west coast oysters are smaller and sweeter. They actually have a melon-like finish on them. Both sublime, healthy, and fun IMO. Shellfish in general is just fun to eat.

Ok I think i have unwelcomed my stay here... Adam get your ass in here so you can back me up with the oyster rant
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