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i agree with jjr; oysters are freaking awesome. i dont know about the letting it "slide down your throat" method though; it sounds like a way of getting it down without actually tasting it.

i also love lobster and crab, but as much as i love crabs, maryland blue crabs are a real pain in the ass to eat. they taste so good, but after a while i just wanna give up because the meat-to-work ratio just isn't worth it.

another food i thought of that i think sucks is matzoh ball soup. matzoh ball soup is quite possibly the lamest soup in the history of soups. how a clear, flavorless broth with a meager helping of dough can qualify as food is beyond me. i had to read oliver twist in high school and in that story, the poor kid had to beg for "gruel." everytime i saw that word mentioned in the book, i would imagine matzoh ball soup.

also, as far as the more exotic fruits go, i think papaya is a pretty sh1tty fruit. it isn't actually sweet like other fruits and it has this taste that resembles spoiled milk. it's like the mango's sh1tty cousin.

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