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Originally Posted by evolved View Post
I love lobster & crab.....I'm just a ninny and need the tail, claws/legs ont eh plate without the thorax/torso, lol.

I'll eat anything at least once.....maybe I just haven't had the right oysters I'd be willing to try them again if I perceived the place as having "good" oysters.
hey hey hey! thats cephalathorax to you

i will give you a couple words of advice.

do not go with $1 oysters... they are cheaper, and tend to usually have a tangy creamy aftertaste compared to a solid oyster. I thought $1 oysters were heaven's sent when lots of places around here started doing raw bar appetizer hour... not worth it at all, they should be priced between $2-$3 a pop. Get 2 of each that way you can distinguish the difference in flavors.

Secondly, briny is good. Oysters are fishy like salmon, cod, trout, etc... they are oceany, with a delicious flavor of clean salinity and minerals. You pair that up with a good mignonette, and you have a little sweet and acidity from the vinegar/sherry/shallots that brings it all together.

Lastly, if you see a list of oysters and you don't know what the hell to get, just ask. Oysters from CT, RI, and Cape Cod are by far my favority. When you tend to go lower into Virginia and what not, the warmer water tends to take away that crisp freshness of the oyster, and leaves a long and creamy finish on them. Not a fan, and it particularly doesn't pair well with any sort of acidity.... Give them a shot.

I always tell people who are freaked out by them. They are one of the most universal foods in the world. Everyone eats them raw... everyone. Also, when you have a cut and you go into the ocean, what happens? THIS IS GOOD FOR YOU! hahahahahah that gets them every time lol.

Remember... squirt of lemon (don't drown it) and the equivalent to an espresso spoonful of mignonette.... no cocktail sauce, no horseradish... that kills it.... keep it simple and enjoy.

Also... a Blue Point oyster is probably one of, if not the most, popular oyster known. If you do come across Blue Points, make sure 100% they are from Connecticut. A lot of "Blue Point" oysters being sold for happy hour and in markets for $.99 a piece are from more southern states. These will fall in the same category as the crappy creamy tangy oysters. For years I hated blue points and couldn't fathom how people raved about them, until I found out the ones I had were from Virginia and the real Blue Points from CT are in fact spot on and delicious.


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