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[Build Log] Blowing [up] my auto 325xi

Just starting this now because I am excited and have time. Yesterday I paid for an AA stage 2 kit to slap on my humble auto 325xi. Currently the only real problem I'm seeing while looking at other people's installs is the intercooler piping. However I have PM'ed a couple FI xi owners with intercoolers (one even has an auto! Yes I'm talking about you, redbull325i) so that problem might solve itself.

The goal is to do as much of the install as I can myself. If I get stuck and it's all taken apart, I have the mobile number of a tech at my shop who builds, races, modifies, and does all sorts of wonky things to motorcycles. Oh and he has installed three S/C kits on E46s, which helps :p Plus AA has offered all the phone support I might need to make this work.

I will try my hardest to get before and after pictures and hopefully pics along the way. That is a promise I'm really trying to stand by but one that often gets thrown aside due to the necessity of washing my hands after every step and/or re-gloving after every step.

There is an AWD mustang dyno less than one hour from my house and I have the tools to flash ZHP trans software (engine will hit rev limiter before trans shifts since forced shift moves to 6900rpm). If the interest is high enough, there is the possibility of a before/after dyno. This also depends on how much they charge for runs. If this would be of interest to you, please let me know so I can keep a tally.

Here are a couple before shots from not too long ago.

-After drop, before tints, after HID retrofit

-Shortly after tints

-I'm rather proud of how well the retro turned-out. Trim has been adjusted since this pic.

This next bit is pulled straight from my asking for advice thread in the FI forum that somehow got derailed by discussion about a company that doesn't do FI for non-m cars... twice.

General Information
-2nd owner
-86,500 Miles
-Purchased Aug. 2007 for $14K with 47,500mi. on the odometer
-Build date 12/2002, purchased originally April 14, 2003 by then-manager of the local NBC affiliate.
-Prior to purchase, all maintenance done by BMW on schedule.
-Alpine White with Natural Brown interior & myrtlewood trim
-ZPP, ZCW, non-HK, rough road package.

Recent maintenance:
-Front brakes/rotors: Feb.
-Front LCA/:CAB: Feb.
-RTABs: Feb.
-Entire CCV system: Feb.
-New springs/shocks/RSMs: March
-Electric fan conversion: March
-New electric fan (BEHR crapped itself, so I got Bosch): June
-Entire cooling system w/ OEM parts (sans lower hose): May
-Oil/filter change: April
-Pulleys/Belts: June
-Front axles/diff seals: June
-Front Diff. fluid: June
-New fuel filter: June
-Brake flush: June
-A/C flush/refill: June

Happening During Install
-Radiator Lower Hose
-Coolant Temperature O-ring
-Engine detail

Still Needs to Happen Soon
-Transfer Case Fluid Flush
-Transmission Fluid/Filter Change
-Rear Diff. Fluid Change (even though mech. said front diff fluid was still probably 60% good)
-White vinyl roof rails
-Exterior detail by Reflections Detailing of Utah (Greg Nichols)

Current mods/tweaks
-Stainless e-bay headers, ceramic coated w/ high-flow spun metallic Magnaflow cats
-Injen long-tube intake
-EU2 Emissions flash (still runs SAP though for some reason; but no complaints because I DO have cats)
-Mtech 2 front and rear kit w/ ALL appropriate hardware
-Morimoto MH-1 projector reftrofit with TRS XB-35 bulbs & custom prism shields Heinously sexy cutoff and prism
-Eibach ProKit springs
-Bilstein HD front
-Bilstein Sport E36 M3 Rears
-Rogue RSMs
-FormulaOne Pinnacle 50/30 Front/Rear
-Headlight Lens Refresh
-Clears all around
-Matte kidney grilles
-Opaque angel eyes
-Dynavin V5 w/ 6/10 speakers replaced (factory tweeter and rear door) (midbass w/ solid PVC mounting in front and rear)
-Dynamat complete trunk w/ decklid and rear deck w/ rear deck refresh
-Infinity Basslink
-Complete Leatherique treatment front and rear w/ plastics refresh
-Matte vinyl window trim and pillars (if it fades, it's easy to redo)

Planned Mods
-M3 Wheel w/ custom non-m lower trim and possible tri-color stitching dyed (the car isn't an M and will never be one)
-SMG paddles
-Burl Myrtlewood manual shifter with selector cap switched for roundel or gloss black cap
-Wheels (see below)
-Possibly re-dye of heated power sport seats to natural brown for the front (unlikely)
-Reach 200,000mi. of love

Right, that should give you all some idea what I'm working with and why I don't really want to sell the car. It's just so clean and well-kept even though it hasn't seen a garage for well.... it's entire lifetime.

I imagine the first thing people will say is, "You're super charging it. . . Please, tell me once more why you haven't bought new wheels?" The answer to that is that there's no good answer. Also wheels are expensive, and I have a hard time justifying the cost. Also, if I'm going to wheel-up, they would need to be lighter than style 45's and look semi-factory. No chrome, no silly lips. My tires are wearing out though. I'm almost certain they'll nearly fail safety which means there's no way in hell I'm driving on them through the winter. So hit me with wheel suggestions and links. I'm partial to 17" and 18". I know there is always the CSL rep from Umnitza; but 24lbs/corner.... Pretty sure that's what the 45's weigh if not less. And 225x40x18 will weigh more than 205x55x16, compounding the issue. It matters to me because canyons are my summer pastime. Plus there's the track not too far away. Maybe I'll start doing that and hemorrhage even more money and time.

Anyway, expect fun things ahead! My apologies to Doug and E46Mango. I offer my condolences in the form of the car being well-maintained and everything being torqued to spec due to OCD. Recall as-well that I keep 8 bottles of Gummi on-hand.

My dentist (who lives 4 doors down the street) offers to buy the car every time I'm in for a check-up. Three weeks ago he offered $12000 cash. For what I spent on a supercharger, that money, and $1000 on top I could have had an Imola Red SMG M3 w/ about 85k on the clock. That's how strong the unhealthy emotional attachment to this car is. For me, the supercharging isn't about having a fast car. If I wanted a fast car I'd look to a secondhand 335i or 135i. For me, this is about enhancing my car. I don't give two poops about straight-line versus other cars. As long as I see improvement compared to my car I'm joyful.

All "car stuff" images are generally uploaded to this folder. Feel free to browse it at your leisure. It contains some Rolls Royce content as well.

Okay guys, one last photo I took today for World Pentax Day using my spiffy Pentax K5. This was on the way to take photos. Yes, I have some diffraction.
AA Stg2+ 325xiA? Are you stupid? Maybe a little.
I can program cars fo' freeee near Salt Lake City. PM for details.

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