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Originally Posted by StrummerE46 View Post
actually, most food american people make is pretty crappy and uninspired. i was lucky to grow up with asian best friends and be exposed to a lot of different stuff when i was young. i would go over to my buddys house and eat home made spring rolls, durian, fried rice, all kinds of different grilled meat, noodles and so on, and then when id go home id have burnt pork chops, unflavored mashed potatoes, canned peas and soda from a 2 liter.
damn you're not asian and you like durian? i think it tastes ok, but the smell is so awful that it just sours the overall experience for me. you also mentioned chicken feet, which i think is pretty awful. it's nothing but gristle and skin, but not the delicious, fatty chicken skin you might get from a roast chicken, but thick, soft, wrinkled-looking skin.

i gotta agree with you on kidneys though; they just have an unpleasant, chewy texture.
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