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4 years in the USAF. Worked in IT as enlisted. Enjoyed it, for a while. Got done left , haven't looked back.

I was in 20 years ago, but at that time, if you didnt have a full pilots license before you enlisted with a degree your chances of flying anything were nearly zero.

BUT,,, with a psych degree the air force has some interesting intel jobs. AWACS crews and the Drone program.

If you do Civil Air patrol and get your pilots license your rank transfers to the Air force.(If the stars line up....)

Also make very sure what terms are in the contract you sign. They don't just have one..

In many cases they can reassign you to whatever they want if you wash out of school... Make sure you have an exit plan cause "Stuff" happens.

Best job in the air force is Boomer (Operates the boom on the refueling planes.) Your on flight status, and you get left alone and you get some fun travel.

Air National guard gets more flight time than regulars usually.

Forward Air control is one option if you think EOD sounds fun..... (Some wry humor, do some research)

Border Patrol also has openings..

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