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Originally Posted by bostonsc4 View Post
Thanks for the reply. I don't have any specific questions as far as this goes, but I'm simply trying to compare different atmospheres of the services apart from the hard facts and job titles. Just curious about what the lifestyle is like.
The military tries to station you at the same installation (or area) as your spouse as much as possible (this is called join spouse). There are a lot of factors involved in making this happen such as job needs at a particular base, specific job you and your spouse do, what both of your ranks are, etc... The less rank you have, and the more common of a job you have, the easier it is to stay together. Pay is pretty good when you and your spouse are both on active duty because "most" of your entitlements are given to you as a separate entity. Right now me and Mrs. Swish maintain 2 separate households, so its expensive for us. We are apart by choice (for now), and I was in the zone to make E-8, so we could have been apart even longer (plus she's going to an area to with no base for me, to be an AF Recruiter, so we would have been apart anyway, but I opted to retire with 20 years completed). If you and your S/O are both on active duty, it's actually not a bad deal!

Edit: The military doesn't recognize "girlfriends" or "fiances", you MUST be married to be considered for the above mentioned entitlements. If you have any questions, don't hesitate.

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